There is Always a Dog…

“Of all the animals, surely the dog is the only one that really shares our life, helps in our work, and has a place in our recreation. It is the only one that becomes so fond of us that sometimes it cannot go on living after its master dies”

-Fernand Mercy


As I mentioned in a previous post –Protecting a Way of Life, I have a crazy fascination for fishing villages and all kinds of boats.

Whenever I’m in a place where I know there are piers or fishing towns I try to find some time to visit and get as many pictures as I can.

I’ve photographed fishing villages and boats for almost 30 years but it was not until a couple of years ago when I was reviewing all the materials I had gathered for a potential book, that I realized that in every place I’ve photographed there was at least one dog as an active member of the community.

Either wandering around, watching over the boats, keeping company to people, playing or just sleeping on the beach, there is always a dog.

How amazingly loyal creatures dogs are…

Waiting for my master. Howth, Ireland
Rasta Dog, Port Royale, Jamaica
Let’s pretend I’m interested in their conversation. Puerto Juarez, Mexico
Making the rounds, watching the boats… Porto Palos, Sicily
Taking a nap. Caleta de Horcon, Chile
Nothing like having breakfast with the family. Copenhagen, Denmark

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