About ME

My photography journey started when I was 14 years-old. Along with photography came my love for nature and wildlife, which led me to become a biologist because I love science and I’m passionate about birds.

Besides wildlife and nature above water and underwater, my photography work includes pictures of countries, cities, places, buildings, and people around the world.

I’ve come to realize that as eclectic as my photographic subjects are, there is a common denominator and that is my passion for telling stories and my deep respect for everything that surrounds us, whether is an animal, a plant, our history reflected in buildings, temples, cities, ways of life, people’s cultures and most importantly our planet and all the living creatures we share it with.

Today I consider myself a conservation photographer. I use my images to make people aware of our endangered wildlife, and the environmental issues that not only threaten entire ecosystems but also our own survival on this beautiful planet.

To see my work go to Perla Copernik Photography and follow my instagram feed at: http://instagram.com/perla_copernik

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